Moon Wraith Codex
Experimental Copperplate Etching


Biennial: Printmaking Re-Imagined.  Beard & Weil Gallery, Wheaton College.  March 1 – April 10

Mudras.  Leedy Voulkos Art Center. Kansas City, MO.  July 7 - Aug 26

HereThere.  Ink Shop Printmaking Center.  Ithaca, NY.  July 7 - July 29

Chulitna Lodge Artist Residency.  Lake Clark, Alaska.  Aug 2 – Sept 2

Sentinel of Solemn Spheres.  (SOLO SHOW) Yellow Peril Gallery / Peligro Amarillo.  Santurce, PR.  Aug/Sept

Catherine Graham and Johnny Adimando.  Union Arts Center.  Piermont, NY.  Oct 14 – Nov 26