Emergence of the Spectrum Circadian
(In-Progress Copperplate Etching)
Sentinels (Saturnus)  
On View at Union Arts Center
(Along with 8 additional and brand new mixed media works)
Sept 27th - November 26th



Rhode Island State Council on the Arts - Fellowship In Three-Dimensional Art- 2017



Mudras.  Leedy-Voulkos Art Center. Kansas City, MO.  July 7 - Aug 26

HereThere.  Ink Shop Printmaking Center.  Ithaca, NY.  July 7 - July 29

Woods-Gerry Gallery.  Providence, RI.  July 12 - July 29

Chulitna Lodge Artist Residency.  Lake Clark, Alaska.  Aug 2 – Sept 2

Sentinel of Solemn Spheres.  (SOLO SHOW) Yellow Peril Gallery / Peligro Amarillo.  Santurce, PR.  (Official Reschedule Date, TBA)

Geometric Spirits.  Union Arts Center.  Piermont, NY.  Sept 27 – Nov 26
Opening Reception Oct 22

Scaled In Constellations.  The Steel House Gallery.  Rockland, ME.  March - April 2018.

The Halcyon Distortion. VisArts. Rockville, MD.  Feb-April, 2019.


3 Recently Completed Etching/Screenprint Pieces Back Home From Recent Shows -
Reliquary to The Weaving-Hand (Top)
Archangel One (Middle)
Ark of Articulating Apparitions (Bottom):