In the late afternoon on a long summer day in 1968, a young girl ran home from the distant fields on her family farm in upstate New York.

“They’re leaving…they’re leaving! My friends are leaving!” she cried.

The girl’s mother came outside to witness a “streak of light” beaming across the distant sky.

I heard this, and many other stories my whole life, but I was 22-years old before any of it truly came into focus.

Awoken from a deep-sleep by a loud murmuring sound: a channel of deep and cacophonic vibration and light that seemed to surround my head and pin my body in place. I was completely paralyzed.

The girl was offered a series of predictions, and one solemn promise; that they would “watch over us”, forever.

It wasn’t until 3 years after my first experience (an experience which has repeated periodically since), that I actually made “contact.” The figure was slender and flexible, and wore a giant metallic helmet shaped like a pyramid. In it, I saw myself reflected, but distorted, stretched.

“Why me?” I asked.

The response; a string of four simple words, is one that I will never forget, and which has defined my creative life since:

“But, I am you.”