I grew up in a series of small, but highly decorated and intricately organized spaces. Proper arrangement was paramount, and even the slightest unsanctioned adjustments to this domestic-utopia lead to complete chaos. I quickly learned the camouflaging properties of beauty, the navigation of claustrophobic interiors, and the absolute virtues of order and cleanliness, omnipresence and control. Thus, I believe that the world, whether the creation of a god(s), or a network of nations tightly-monitored by ruling governments, exists as a panopticon, where rogue entities and ideologies burgeon in clandestine-processes of unlearning, defiance, and stealth. 

In my work I suggest the “otherworldly” by presenting, all-at-once, an aggregate of information, that in its’ micro and macrocosmic form still manage to preserve a tether to the indecipherable. I do so in a feverish attempt to convey an engagement with an otherness not defined by common, moral, or social constructs. I am intrigued by the questions: Have I been misplaced, or displaced…and, what is it to be out-of-place? And as such, these graphic messages, although filtered, are inevitably transmitted in a seemingly tertiary “signiconic” or codex-like form; a visual-language that bridges the cosmic and terrestrial, crystallizing all-while dissipating, and which harmonizes as it obfuscates. 

I explore formal dynamics related to the representation of divinity, self-imprisonment, and ritual (tied to both dogma and spirituality). I focus primarily on systems/structures of authority, ideas about armoring oneself against the world, and accessioning primordial escapist urges. By designing, manipulating, and reassembling a wide variety of appropriated and original motifs and symbols, I develop highly detailed sculptures, drawings, photographs, and printed matter. The visual dynamic is one of complicated symmetries, coordinated patterns, and complex constructions that form a symbiosis with elaborate codifications, spectral visions, and occult symbology.